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June 04, 2007



Funny funny! I think it must be a girl thing because elizabeth always is putting on shoes and getting my purses to play with. She will grab any article of clothing she can find (clean or dirty) and try to put it on. The boys never did this. I need that shirt for elizabeth. She is the ruler of this house!


Well Savana hasn't started dressing herself yet, but try putting away laundry with that girl in the same room.....FORGET IT! My mom use to get onto me when I was a kid, hollering about how much of MY laundry she did, well let's just say...Austin should be a girl..it can't get much worse than him. Please Dear Lord let Savana have mercy on me!


As the "struggling good friend" you mentioned, let me just say, it doesn't get better with age---in fact, it gets increasingly difficult. At least Katherine is pretty self-sufficient, but most days there is a fashion crisis along the lines of the tiny red strawberry on the socks I selected for her clashing with the pink stripe in her shirt. I shudder to think what our mornings will be like when she hits about 13.

Patrick on the other hand, still needs help with all his costume changes. His are totally character driven: plaid shirts are "Bob the Builder shirts"; Blue jeans are "Woody pants"; T-shirts are "Handy Manny shirts"...you get the idea. Keep in mind that all these items are just regular clothes, but to Patch every clothing item is a costume of some sort. His wardrobe is solely dependent on whatever character he is portraying at the moment.

Anyway, I'm glad to have some company in this arena. Now you can feel my pain as we do 10 times more laundry then we should actually have to (because of course they ALWAYS manage to get dirty with every clothing change!).



At least I know I'm not alone. Elizabeth and Tatum need Diva crowns!



Jacquelyn is living proof that it can happen in more than one kid in the same family. I hope you are spared :)



On the upside, your kids get dressed in the morning completely independantly. At 5 and 3, that is a freakin' miracle.

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