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June 29, 2007



Yes, indeed. Good luck with that! Donnie and I don't have children together, but his 21 yr. old daughter, raised by her mother, sure has those issues. We often rant about the very same things vowing if we had kids how different they would be. It's easy for us to say that since we're not in the heat of the battle though, right? There are plenty of folks out there who would value your friendship and you would value theirs. Happy friend making.

Aunt Becky

I think I may be getting through to Maggie that "things" cost money. The other day we were at Target and I told her she could have a "Skip It" toy. I asked if she wanted orange or purple (the two choices that were there.) She said, "I don't care - whichever doesn't cost the most money."

Maybe when Truman reaches age 6, he will also have attained her sage-like wisdom.


21 years old, huh? Yep, that seems about right. At that age I was feeling pretty entitled myself. I did what any entitled youth does: I majored in philosophy and assumed the jobs (and the enlightenment) would come TO ME. Not the best move...


Go Maggie! That's a miracle Aunt Becky.

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