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May 04, 2007



Back in the day....there used to be a small tavern and pizza store chain that advertised "Free Beer Tomorrow" on a big sign in the window of the store, I never did get the concept, and kept going back day after day in anticipation of the ultimate cheep drunk. I'm sorry to hear that Truman has this affliction, the good news is that the Tavern is no more, at least Grandma Mary thinks it's good news, I miss going in to see if it's tomorrow yet, and, sometimes staying well after midnight just to see if I could figure it out. You say it has to do with the Sun going down?


Katherine does have the concept of tomorrow, but there is one funny thing that she does. She calls tomorrow "tomorrow" and the day after that she calls "the next tomorrow". That's another one of those things that the whole family has adopted. Michael and I frequently refer to the day after tomorrow as "the next tomorrow"---just like we say something is "ki-ki" when it is stuck and we call the stove "the cooking furniture".


Garrett has some issue with it as well but he does not get upset when I tell him it is the same day. I remind him before hand he is taking a nap and that it is still day light outside and when he gets up it will still be day light. Then when he goes to bed even if it is a little light it is darker and it is usually still a little dark in the morning. Could you get a clock and help him learn the times so he would understand it is still the same day?


What about doing a calendar every night at bedtime...to distinguish the two activities (nap and bed)? Every night before he goes to bed he could cross the day off, something that doesnt occur during naptime? You might be able to find or create a fun visual/age appropriate one for him.


Wow, Papa Dale, that comment could have been written by Barney from the Simpsons!



I find myself saying "ki ki" when my kids are stuck. I can't help myself.



Sometimes I think Garrett and Truman are the same kid :)



That is a GREAT idea. Simple but genius.



We get confused with Later. We tell him, "We can go outside later."
"No," he pleads, "TODAY!"

Maybe we ought to try that calendar trick too.

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