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March 20, 2007



As we were ordering the ice cream, I noticed the giant chipmunk-like bulge in his cheek which you informed me was an ENTIRE chicken nugget. I never dreamed that 15 (NOT an exaggeration) minutes later it would still be there. I must say I was quite bewildered...but I only began to dry heave when I imagined having that goopy nugget in my own mouth. And even though the site of the chicken paste in his mouth was pretty repulsive, I simply HAD to look. What's up with that?


Trying doing the opposite and saying I bet you can't leave it there all day. That way it won't seem as appealing to do it. He is only doing it to get some sort of reaction from you. He knows it drives you crazy so if you act like it does not bother you and say things like that is amazing you can hold a chicken nugget in your mouth for that long! I wish I could do that! He will then realize it is not the reaction he was going for and he will start laughing. It might turn into a game for a few min. but then as a reward so to speak keep encouraging and say when you swallow that you get this ice cream, but not don't say it as a demand. Make the ice cream the reward for keeping the nugget in for so long. I have found if you do the opposite behavior of what they expect things go more your way. Good luck and I would have been dry heaving as well!



I'm dry heaving just reading your comment. Yuck.



This advice is so you! You always take an approach I've never thought of. Maybe I'll try that next time but I'm just crossing my fingers that there won't be a next time!

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