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January 02, 2007



Hello feel your pain!! Man, what is it w/ these boys at the dinner table. I do know he has a cold, not as hungry and we did eat a late lunch. THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE him for the whining attitude we get almost at every dinner time. He even helped some w/ dinner tonight, we had "hotdog rollups", I said the hotdogs had a shirt (the cheese) and a coat (the cresent roll) on. He watched them cook. Then once in his seat he began that "I don't like this, crossed armes, whining again" battle. I am trying what my dad suggested, say "ok once down, no more food till the morning" Dusty's family did the "if you want to get down, you have to eat" way. So, might try that way. We do try the 2 bite thing b/c he typically will request a beverage (juice or milk) and most times fills him up, so he has to eat 2 bites to get a bev.

Anyway, maybe someone will give us some suggestions. I know our doctor said that his next door neighbor's 3 year old lived off chicken nuggets, macncheese, and hot dogs for 1 year and seemed healthy and growing etc....

But, even if I fix what he might like, he still starts this whining stuff. Live and learn, go down the list as w/ everything.

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