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January 18, 2007


papa dale

welcome back you glutonous pigs!!! Congratulations to Grandma and Pop-pop for their heroic efforts and sucess in re-routing your #1's energy level. We have often said that our grandkids are better behaved for us, this seems to have re-inforced that therory. I share your hopes that a new leaf may have been turned by T.P.H., and, will be waiting with baited breath for more progress reports. You might want to hold off on onlocking the storage closet for just a few days, just in case he's faking it. Good luck, and God Bless

Aunt Becky

I hope Papa Dale remembers these comments when we ask him and Grandma Mary to watch our children for us this fall when we go on our ten year anniversary trip.....


Thanks Papa Dale, for the words of encouragement. I fully believe that children are better for their grandparents and for anyone other than their parents for that matter. My son has definitely made progress. We did have one time out incident last night (darn me and my cursed blog!) but it was fairly minor in comparison with past incidents. I'll keep you posted.


Aunt Becky-

Surely the girls will be angels for Papa Dale and Grandma Mary. That's always the case. Then, we can take the blame for their bad behavior.

Where are you guys going on your trip?

Aunt Becky

Still not sure where we are going, but we are probably going to wait until Sept. or Oct. to go - - August is just so stinkin' hot, plus, we won't encounter a bunch of kids everywhere since they will be back in school then.

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