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December 07, 2006


Uncle Carni

I love Sponge Bob. I think I have seen choking in the show. Nobody got hurt, but I'm pretty sure that's where he saw it.

Aunt Becky

Oh Daniel son . . . wax on, wax off. . .practice to catch the flies with the chopsticks . . .build concentration. . .trim bonsai tree. . .make pretty like rainfall.

Don't feel so bad. Seems the Hale kids are all out of sorts lately. On Monday of this week, Aleita had an all-out melt down at school. After placed in a time out, she instead got up and ran around. When placed there again, she hit her teacher twice and then threw two little plastic chairs across the room. . . then chucked a doll at one of the other kids. . .then peed her pants for good measure. Sounds like she and your little Chuck Norris are kindred spirits this week.


Uncle Carni-

I guess Sponge Bob is the culprit then. It's probably not the best program for the 5 and under crowd, huh? I usually don't let him watch it but he has caught it a couple of times.


Aunt Becky-

I see your Mr. Miyagi is almost as good as mine...

Good to know Aleita could hold her own with my son. Maybe we could lock them in an 8 x 8 room together for a couple of hours and just see what happens. Grandma Mary could handle the aftermath. I'm sure she'd love that!

papa dale

I don't think Grandma Mary would accept the clean-up duty for that one, I'm just greatful that no one has tied the recent trip to the Mid-west by little "Chuckie" to eithor his recent mis-behavior or Aleita's melt-down. Are you and Aunt B. sure there's not some WWF dvds hidden somewhere around the house? those guys choke, throw chairs, run around, AND wet their selves regularlly.


Papa Dale-

Nope. The WWF is the new Nascar in our home. It's just not allowed in any way, shape or form. I lost out on my Nascar ban because my husband attended Talledega last year and had so much fun that he is a closet fan. Oh, the humanity!

Kathleen C

Uh oh...thx for the warning on SpongeBob. Joe is a BIG fan but maybe I had better dial back on it just in case. Joe seems to repeat some of Truman's behavior - I guess that's the 6 month age difference for ya. Truman at 4, Joe almost 3 1/2. Sigh...I feel for ya and the whole incident.



Just doing my public service, warning everyone about the evils of Spongebob. Just call me Jerry Falwell!

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