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September 12, 2006


Ashlie Wright

Wow, Julianne. My heart goes out to you both. My mom has told me similar stories about my older (by 13 months) brother. She said they finally had to take the door knob off his door b/c he refused to stay in his room for time outs. They would stand outside his door while he continuously threw himself against it. (I'll have to ask her if he wrecked his room, too.) Mom says he was a very meladramatic child. Now he's a fine, upstanding citizen (albeit very moody at times). And very a very successful computer technician in Nashville (married with an 11 month old son). He's also extremly intelligent. Maybe that was his "problem."

I'll have to get my hands on that book you are talking about. I'm sure I'll eventually need it with my little diva daughter.



Thanks for the info. That makes me feel SO much better. The fact that your brother is a relatively normal person give me great comfort.


For anyone who is interested, yesterday was a much better day. My son went into time-out twice and fought me both times but calmed down immediately upon entering his room. Maybe the G-force portion of the ride will be over soon.


Although I don't have a "room wreaker" I have had a sweet child replaced with demon child when he did not get his way. Paul and I have just sat there looking at each other with looks of shock and amazement. We have laughed and cried and we try to race for the door and see who can escape first ( I usually win seeing as how paul has a gimp leg). Point being I feel your pain! Just give him a good beating it won't make things better, but at least you will feel better!


Sounds like he inherited Uncle Carni's genes! If so, eventually, he'll put a hole right through the door!



That's great news. Was Uncle Carni a room wrecker?


Um... Carni wrecked more than just rooms!


Julianne- I have been there done that, but I have 2 rotten boys ;) so Austin has taught me alot! Have you tried instead of putting him in his room, sitting him in a corner somewhere, where there are no things to be thrown?...Think about it, he does something wrong/bad, he gets punished to his room, so of course he's angry, so then that's when he starts "wrecking" things, some people scream, some throw things, and heck some do both! If you're going to do the time out thing, my advice is do it somewhere where he doesn't have the ability to toss things around, cause if you are like I was, you're the one left cleaning up the majority of your sons mess, even if you did tell yourself that you wouldn't and that he was on his own.

Uncle Carni

Sorry I haven't read blog for awhile. Spaz is right, I was a room wrecker and would throw tantrums. I kicked holes in 2 door, yanked a towel rack off the wall, and kicked a hole in my bedroom wall. I'm very a very non-violent person now and have been since my teens. I don't know why I was so angry growing up. Must have been that "tough love" I recieved from Mom and her wooden cooking spoons.


Uncle Carni-

I have to say that it comforts me that you were a room wrecker because you turned out so well. There is hope for my little guy.

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